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Options after Bachelor's Graduation

Good Evening!

I am a current student at Jacksonville State University in Alabama and I am in my sophomore year. I am a Criminal Justice Major with a Spanish Minor. I attended JSU for the simple fact of finances and the close proximity to my home. I originally planned on attending an aeronautical university however money was a big factor. I know many airlines and employers require a Bachelor’s Degree of some sort and I have always been into law as well as aviation. I am trying to get a head start on what I need to do after I leave JSU so I can just start right into the flight program at ATP. Am I taking a good route? Is this a good decision on my part? My plan is to eventually fly for a major airline such as United, Delta, and American. I have zero time flying however, I have been in a jump seat for a few private charters and have enjoyed and been fascinated by every aspect of flying. Thanks so much for your help!


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To begin with your first step needs to be to take an introductory flight. It is essential that you get behind the yoke of an airplane and see if flying is really for you. You can take one at your nearest ATP location, or just about any other flight school.

I think your plan is a solid one. I would finish your Criminal Justice degree and then attend flight school. As you said a degree is essential for the majors, so you might as well finish it off while you are already enrolled at the school.

I did exactly what you are doing, I finished my four year degree and then went straight to ATP with no breaks inbetween. It worked out well for me.

Keep asking your questions, I look forward to working with you.


Thank you Chris, I was about to start twitching again! :slight_smile:

Beau! GO FLY A PLANE! and no sitting in the jumpseat doesn’t count!


Thank you both so much for your reply! I know sitting in a jump seat doesn’t count but it allowed me to watch the pilots handle things within the cockpit. I am looking at an Intro Flight as we speak and hopefully soon I can make it happen! It’s definitely a relief to know that you went through your bachelor’s first and took the somewhat same route that I am taking, Chris! I am currently being put through my 4 year degree absolutely cost free with a Leadership and Athletic Scholarship so I am not familiar with financing and good routes for that? What did you do? What do you recommend for someone like me?


I financed though one of ATP’s financing companies that they partner with. Go to ATP’s main website, at the top right there is a tab for “Financing”, you will find what you are looking for there.

It was a large loan to take out, but I paid it off early and it has paid me many dividends. It is great that you will graduate college debt free, that is a huge advantage.