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i want to join ATP to start in my aviation career .im a highschool senior and need to start making decisions now. i understand that i cant join atp straight out of hs. so my question is can i join a community college for criminal justice for two years then join ATP, then finish up my other two years? will having a bachelors in criminal justice limit me from joining a major airline down the line? anything will help. thank you.


Yes, your plan should work. I would probably chose a major other than Criminal Justice as I feel that is generally not a well respected degree.

I would encourage you to work on proper capitalization in your writing. Yes, these things matter.


Honestly any major would work as many of my mentors have differing majors from Accounting to Philosophy. Personally, I am finishing up my major in Aviation Logistics (technically Business Logistics).


     What exactly do you mean by “ not well respected”. The only reason I chose criminal justice is so that if I can’t qualify as a pilot (god forbid) because of slight hearing problems. Being a cop is my second option. However if you can list a few majors thatare well respected, that would be very well respected.

You don’t think it’ll be an issue to major in criminal justice. And also does ATP give loans and/or tuition aid.

Well what Chris is saying is that people in the Major Airlines would probably favor someone with a major in Accounting, Logistics, or Biochemistry than someone with a degree in Criminal Justice, Art, Music.

I have a few friends at my school that are Criminal Justice majors and I can tell you they have it easy compared to my major or any business/science major.

Also you can finance your training at ATP either through Wells Fargo or Sallie Mae. But I can’t answer any further questions about that as I am not qualified to do so. Call ATP’s finance department, as they helped me with my questions. Hope this helps.


This could just be my own bias, but when I think of a criminal justice degree the image that comes to mind is a security guard with a flashlight on an ECPI commercial. Bear in mind that if you can get a two year “degree” in something, it is really more of a trade school than an education.



I’m going to disagree with Chris on this one. I have friends who majored in music and art appreciation and they’re flying for Majors. Get a degree in something you like and could use a backup and you’ll be fine.


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Chris is right. A criminal justice degree is a waste of money. I’m currently employed as a full time police officer and I can tell you that the only thing it’s good for, is being able to put it down on an application when applying for a law enforcement job. Outside of that, it has no value for any other career field. It doesn’t even really help or prepare you much for the realities of what law enforcement entails these days. So unless you’re planning on going into law enforcement, I’d find something more worthwhile to major in. Just my humble opinion.