Ord 777

This is targeted more towards Chris as he is familiar with United, but I was reading on APC that United closed their ORD 777 operations during the pandemic.
I still see a daily 777 from ORD-HNL though. Is this being repositioned to ORD every morning? I don’t see any early morning 777 flights (before the HNL flight) from any other hubs to ORD, so does it sit overnight in Chicago? Or is there something else at play I am missing?

Side note, do you ever see United reopening their 777 operations in Chicago?



I took a look and it looks like that airplane generally comes in from HNL at around 6:30 am the same day. I am not sure which base if flying the trip, it is probably a mixture of crews from different bases on different days.

I have no idea if they will ever reopen the ORD 777 base. Bases come and go and those decisions are made by people much higher than me.


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