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Hello all,

I was hoping to find some insight on a plan I am trying to pursue.

Background: I am a Canadian Citizen who has a green card. I have completed my CPL, Multi, and IFR training in Canada. Once I transfer my Transport Canada permits I will have an FAA CPL with a multi and instrument rating. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Admininstration and Accounting.

My goal: To work at a flight school with airline partnerships

My question: Can I do my CFI training at ATP? If so, will ATP hire someone who did not do their initial training at ATP? I do not want to waste my time and money at ATP if they have no history of hiring CFI who did not complete their initial training at ATP.

Thank you


I’m sure Addison in Admin will answer soon, but I have not heard of anyone jumping straight into CFI training. You are always welcome to join as a credit for private student, but beyond that Admin is the only one that is able to make exceptions.

And to answer your other question, no. ATP has not historically hired applicants that did not complete the program.


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Not to my knowledge has ATP let anyone come in just at the CFI point unless it was a super special circumstance. The typical start is private or credit private starting at instrument. Or you can start at commercial in a custom program but your chances of being hired are lower in that custom program starting with ATP later on in your training. Of course we’ll let @Addison chime in here because things are always rapidly changing in this industry and ATP!


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ATP CFI jobs are very desirable and there’s actually a waiting list right now. With all due respect, who do you believe should get the opportunity to get the position? Someone who has done all their training from Day1 with ATP, knows the program and has invested their money into the school or someone who comes in at the end just to capitalize on ATPs connections?


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Hello all,

Thank you so much for your prompt answers. I was expecting the various points you all brought up. However, I did not want to regret not asking and missing out on what could have been a good opportunity.

Again, thank you all for the quick replies.


Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately, ATP does not offer a stand-alone CFI Academy. We do offer the CFII and the MEI at select locations, but unfortunately not the CFI Initial. We hire students exclusively that went through our Airline Career Pilot Program as Certified Flight Instructors.

Hope this helps!