PDX availability

Wondering if anyone has been to the Hillsboro location, and can add some expertise on that and how difficult it is to get in, as I’m assuming it’s probably a very popular location.

Any advice/info very much appreciated. Thanks much!!!



Locations are dynamic things and the number of students can vary throughout the year. The best thing you can do is call ATP Admin and they can tell you exactly what the current situation is and give you an idea how early you’d need to reserve a space.


Copy that, thank you!

Hey Kristie, did you call and get an answer by chance? I’m in Eugene, also thinking of the Hillsboro location.

Hi Eric,
Actually, yes. I was told there is one spot left for Nov 26 (6 mos program) or 9 mos program Dec 10 (also 1 spot) and Feb. 11.