Unavailable housing?

I’ve been looking into the housing situation lately for ATP and it appears that pretty much all of the housing, at least for the 100 hour multi locations, are not available. While that is understandable because they might all be full, what can I do about it? is there any ways that I can reserve a space once it is available or am I going to have to find somewhere else to live or simply wait until there is an opening to apply for ATP??


I’d contact ATP Admin and ask this one. They can give you the best answer?

Btw are you not planning on instructing for ATP? That’s really the only reason for the 100hr.



ATP housing is first come first serve. For further assistance, call the
Admissions team.


I am definitely hoping to instruct at ATP, but I was thinking that getting more multi engine time would make me more desirable to teach more multi engine and build more hours than single engine and overall look better for the airlines, is that thought process flawed? and thanks for the answers!



Yes your thinking is flawed. First ATP is guaranteeing an instructor position to ALL it’s successful graduates. I defy you to find any fine print or btw’s that say anything regarding giving any preference to those students who do the 100 ME. It’s ATP’s program and there’s a reason ATP only offers the 100hr at a few locations and now no longer even offers it from zero time. It’s simply not necessary. Further more the Regionals want you to meet their hiring mins. The Regionals are desperate for pilots and this isn’t like the Majors who are looking for “competitive” numbers. They need pilots and they need them now.


Ok thank you for the advice that REALLY helps! and saves!

I know at the moment that ATP is also in the process of updating/moving a lot of their housing around. Our training center manager in Tampa had told us we will be moving to a different complex and will be going to only 2 bedroom apartments as he was not pleased with the living conditions having 6 guys in a 3 bedroom apartment. From what he has told us is ATP is hoping to switch all housing to 2 bedroom apartments within the next couple of months. Not sure if this transition is having any effect on housing availability, but also keep in mind ATP’s enrollment is as high as it has ever been, so there is high demand for housing.

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