Pilot Crew Bases

Hey Adam , Chris

Do First officers have to change crew base when they upgrade to Captain esp. on maybe Southwest, American or United?@Adam @Chris


Possibly? In many cases that’s entirely up to YOU. As we say daily around here, Seniority is EVERYTHING. So let’s say for example you’re a United 757 FO and a new vacancy bid comes out. On that bid you see there’s are open 737 Capt slots in EWR as that’s a junior base. If you live near EWR and you’re currently an EWR FO then no, you don’t have to change bases. BUT let’s say you live and fly out of SFO and you see that EWR Capt slot. You now have a choice. Do you take the upgrade and commute to EWR OR do you stay put and wait for an SFO Capt slot that might not come for years? Your decision. Make sense?


No, not unless they chose to.

So there are no forced captain upgrades at the majors?..Pretty much like at Envoy which is not a major


To my knowledge, there are no forced upgrades at any of the major airlines.