Pilot shortage / Are the Regionals at Risk?

Interesting article on the pilot shortage.

Any thoughts on possible loans or other incentives to get more people trained and qualified to meet the increasing demands?


They better not announce federal loans for Flight school now that I took out my nice large private loan!!! :sob::sob::sob:
But this seems like good news for us heading in right now!!!


I came across that article yesterday also. Interesting stuff…

Hopefully it brings a change soon. Who knows?


The Regionals have been complaining for a while, manly seeking relief from the 1500hr Rule. Your guess is as good as mine if they’ll be any change?


While the 1,500 hour rule has contributed to the pilot shortage, it has in turn helped drive regional pilot salaries up to levels that have never been seen before. It might take a bit longer to get to the airlines, but the pay is so much better.

Hence why the Regionals want some relief.


I hope so too lol or at least give an option to refinance private loan to a federal loan :slight_smile:

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I saw the article posted below where the SkyWest CEO was testifying how the pilot shortage may impact their operations. I know the pilot shortage is real which is leading to improvements such as better starting salaries and quality of life, but if regionals like SkyWest have to start cutting back flights and grounding airplanes, that affects their bottom line. Isn’t that why Republic went bankrupt? I’m just worried that if they don’t find a solution to the shortage, we’ll see regionals closing shop or furloughing pilots because they don’t have enough pilots to fly their planes and generate revenue…but I’d love to get your take!

Thanks as always!!


The way I look at it is not a loss of current revenue but that they can not expand fast enough to take and fill new contracts from the majors. I don’t see it effecting their current bottom line but preventing them from expanding. I could be completely wrong but this is the way that I have interpreted it.

The only way I see this happening is if the majors are taking too many pilots from the regionals and they are not able to backfill these positions and then they would not be able to fulfill their current agreements.

Keep in mind SkyWest is one of the only non-union Regionals in the industry while also being one of the most profitable. The CEO is crying and looking for relief. If they have to cut flights (which they actually have been doing for a few years now) it’ll be due to the lack of pilots so furloughs would only compound the problem. There are still things they can do to attract more talent if they need but they want the govt’s help rather than dig in their own pockets. Keep in mind if the situation ever got really dire the Majors could (and would) simply buy their own RJs, lower their mins and you’d all be working for Majors. In short I’d be less than concerned.




Republic went bankrupt for many reasons, the primary one being that they signed capacity purchase agreements with their major airline partners that were not realistic. When they did file bankruptcy they in no way approached the pilot group for concessions.

Regionals pilots becoming more expensive for management is a good thing all across the board. United has replied to this by bringing an ever increasing amount of our flying back in house and flying it with mainline airplanes and pilots. This means more pilots at the mainlines, which is a great thing.


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Thanks Chris and Adam for the replies. Always appreciated!

Anytime, that is what we are here for :slight_smile: