Pilot withot a bachelor degree?

If i do not opt for any associate or bachelor degree and i am directly taking the flight training and later serving as a fight instructor to build up my fight hours to become a commercial pilot, would i ll be recruited as a pilot by major airlines for international routes? Or by doing so would I be just limiting myself on being a regional pilot?


Here’s the deal, none of the Majors actually require a degree but they do all prefer them. So let’s say you get an interview with Delta. You meet all their requirements but so do 300 other pilots and they have degrees (which Delta likes). When the interviewer asks you why he should hire you OVER the 300 guys with degrees what would you say? The reality is while it’s not impossible to get hired without a degree you’re limiting yourself and putting yourself at the back of the back. Seniority is everything and I literally just came off a flight with a Capt who had been furloughed for 5 yrs. The thing is he was the last pilot furloughed. The guy 1 number ahead of him kept his job. ONE NUMBER! In this industry you want to give yourself every opportunity vs having the bare minimum and hoping for the best. Ultimately it’s up to you.


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