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MORE Encouraging News


Very good news indeed!

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I’m about 250 flight hours and 6 months away from my airline minimums. This gives me hope things will be looking even better by the time I get there!


Some context to this announcement: SkyWest sent home roughly 250 folks from training last March. Those employees were on property and have been getting paid since being sent home…although at a reduced rate. The announcement referenced above and subsequent email that went out was to those trainees who were sent home in the middle of their training.

There are additional folks (several hundred??) who received conditional job offers (CJO) and class dates for last year prior to COVID changing the world. All those class dates were cancelled in mid-March and have yet to be rescheduled. Furthermore, for those who had CJOs and class dates (I’m in this group), we have not heard whether or not our class dates will be rescheduled at some point in 2021 alongside those who were sent home. In other words, this announcement is only addressing those who were already on property last March.

This is excited news, yes. Trust me…I want more than anybody for training to resume. But this should not be confused with SkyWest opening hiring, interviewing, and training new folks.


While I appreciate the clarification the post was simply titled “Encouraging News” and that it is. While no new hiring is happening (yet), I guarantee there won’t be until those who started their training are brought in first and that’s what has begun.


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First SkyWest, now PSA…


That is fantastic news. United just put out a large bid with numerous new captain positions in it.


You want some more? Well here’s some more!


That is fantastic news!

Hey, that’s Grizwald the Bear! I think I’ve seen him once or twice in Trenton!

More? Sure why not! :wink:


I like seeing this!
Frontier and ATP Pathway


Whoa, direct to LCC with 1500 hours?


That is the plan for eligible ATP instructors. To be clear, not everybody will qualify for this, but those who excel can apply for the program.


Although the wording makes it sound like it, it’s not a “flow” like you would assume like the regionals have with majors. For example, PSA has a flow with American so as long as you stay and be patient at PSA eventually you have a job with American without even have to interviewing. That’s not the case here… It’s a great opportunity to possibly get to frontier at 1500 hours but it’s definitely not a guaranteed job after completing 1500 which the word flow kind of implies. Select CFIs get the opportunity to interview with Frontier upon reaching 1500.


Thanks, yes I understand that there are no guarantees and only a few will get it. But was there anything like this pre Covid? Seems like for the few selected it would be a huge boost to their career.

To my knowledge, there were no programs like this available pre-covid, although I am not sure the two are related.

Hi Chris,

I think the exciting part of this program is that for a few select folks, the chance of flying big jets out of ATP went from 0 to more than 0. It’s something that I’ve never thought possible before.


This is all very exciting! I’m glad to see that things are starting to turn around :smiley:

Even more…