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PPL & Instrument Rating


I have been reading about the benefits of having a PPL or not when considering the ATP program. My situation is a bit unique. I have both my PPL and an Instrument Rating. I received these licensees along with a 4-year degree at Liberty University, which offers Part 141 flight training with their aviation degrees. My question is, is it possible to enter the ATP program already having a PPL and an Instrument Rating? Is there some form of re-training? I’m set on the ATP program after I complete my master’s but have always had this question in mind.

Thank You,

  • Louis


You can enter the program with your instrument, but the price will be the same and you will essentially go through the instrument training again, but not take a check ride.



Thank you! Honestly, I do not mind going through instrument training again because it’s going to refresh my current knowledge of it. Plus, from my understanding, flying in the airlines is virtually IFR all the time.


At the airlines we fly exclusively IFR, so a refresher course would certainly be a good thing.