Coming to ATP with Instrument Rating

Hey everyone! I was wondering if I am still eligible to do ATP if I get my instrument rating before entering? The reason I’m asking is because I found a really reputable flight school in Florida that’ll do my PPL and Instrument Rating for a great price, and I can do them at my own pace, which a lot of people have recommended to me. I feel like if I could take my time in building that solid foundation, it could help set me up for success at ATP! If I just got my PPL, I would need additional flight hours beyond what was required of this particular school in order to meet ATP’s requirements, so I figured might as well knock both out. However, I’m wondering…will ATP still take me for the Career Pilot Program if I already have that instrument rating? If so, does that take any time or cost off of the Career Pilot Program?

Thanks Again Y’all!!!

  • Savannah
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Yes, ATP accepts students who already have their instrument ratings, but there will not be a reduction in the cost or time. In other words, if your goal is to go to ATP, it does not make sense to do any flight training past your PPL at another school.



I respectfully don’t agree with your thinking. There’s a very well known concept called the “Law of Primacy” which states what we learn first stays with us the longest and even sets the structure for future learning. By starting day one with the course you yourself I believe would be most effective in your training you’d be starting off on the right foot.

One of the biggest challenges pilots face when they get to the Regionals is the inability to keep up with the pace. Taking your time, even early on will not serve you well.