PPL Questions

Hi everyone!

I am currently living in Michigan and i’m in the process of getting my PPL (just took intro flight last week). I am moving out to Denver February of 2020, my question, should I keep training for my PPL or just wait until I enroll in ATP in February when I move to Denver?

Age: 24
Education: High School, and some college.


That really depends on you and how quickly you think you can train. If you think you can finish your PPL between now and the end of October (Michigan winters are tough for flying) then go for it there. If you are only going to be able to fly twice per week, then that isn’t going to happen and I would wait until starting at ATP.



Keep in mind to enroll in ATP and get credit for your PPL you also need at least 78hrs total time. As Chris said if you think you can accomplish that before the move than great, if not just wait and save your money.



I don’t have much more to add to what has already been said. If you decide to get your PPL before February, the key is consistency. Don’t let there be a large gap between flights. When you enroll at ATP with a PPL, you need to be proficient. The piece of plastic the FAA mails to you means nothing unless you have something to show for it.