PPL Taking Too Long

Hello All. Thank you to every student and pilot who have contributed to this group. I have finally joined the pilot life and am experiencing bliss most days. I am, however, started to get discouraged with how long it is taking to get my PPL. I started this new journey at the beginning of August. I only have 12 hours flight time so far. (One instructor, one plane, MANY students, weather, maintenance, etc…) It has afforded me the opportunity to study a great deal which I feel I definitely need, but I was supposed to leave at the end of February for ATP school - with the PPL and 78 hours flight time! I was seriously considering biting the bullet, cancelling my next few weeks and heading to ATP by January 1. I am the type of person who sets her mind then goes “full throttle” until the goal has been met. I keep thinking a few months will not make much of a diffference so I should just breath through this. But what if I don’t have my hours by the time I am to depart? That is looking like a VERY real possibility at this point. Thoughts?


Not really sure what your question is? You started training in Aug and have 12hrs and I’ll assume haven’t soloed yet either. This clearly is not progress. Every one of the mentors on this forum experienced the same frustration which was one of the factors that led us to ATP. This is a very common problem as most local flight schools simply aren’t equipped to handle anything more than the casual student. I’m not sure why you decided to get your PPL first but if you’re ready to commit to the program why keep throwing time and money on a route that’s clearly not working. You’d be better served using your time to complete all your writtens as preparation for success at ATP.



If you choose to continue with your training at your current school and do not meet ATP’s admissions requirements, ATP may offer you some time building. Contact Admin for verification.

OR, you can leave the school you’re attending now, and enroll at ATP. Your 12 hours will go towards your total time, but you will have to begin the program from 0.

Your situation is one of the main reasons why we strongly encourage students to do thorough research on any school before pulling the trigger (so to speak). Plus, at 49, your time is too valuable to waste at a school like the one you’re currently attending. If you want to fly professionally, I suggest exploring your options. Of course, ATP would be happy to have you.



Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your words are the thoughts that have been rattling in my head as of late. I was remaining in SC to help my Mother as my Father passed away at the end of June. She is ready to let me go, and I am thinking I need to cut my losses as stated and head to the school to get started. The local school did warn me that August to February, 78 hours, was a real stretch. I thought my money and free time/full time dedication would change that. NOPE.

Again, thank you for your opinions backed by life experience. All the best.

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Well, that’s about 4 months with only 12 hours, I’d really call it quits for that flight school.

Either go to another school, or cut your losses with those 12 hours you paid and attend ATP with zero time.

Good luck.

I’m sorry for your loss, Stephenie.

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Thank you for your condolences. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be here for them.


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100% this. I earned my private at a mom and pop in 3 months with about 55hrs. As much as it hurts cut your losses… based on what I’ve heard so far sounds like you’re gonna love ATP and the pace we work :wink:

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I don’t think there is really much to think about here. Twelve hours over the period of several months is absurd, nobody could learn to fly like that. You need to find a school that is capable of handling a full time student.

With only twelve hours, you really are not too deep into this. I would recommend start at ATP from zero in just chalking up the twelve hours to a really long intro flight.


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