Preperation for private pilots license

Looking for study materials to help me get going, and better prepare me for working on my private pilots license! I’m starting from a dream, and zero experience. Need help with direction : )
Thank you in advance.


The first thing you need to do is go for an intro flight. I can’t tell you how many people invest time and money believing chasing a “dream” and once they go up they find they really don’t like it. If you haven’t yet you need to go up (and no sitting in the back on the way to grandma’s or vacation doesn’t count).

After that you should find a flight school and once you do talk to them about what study materials they use and recommend. Until then the FAA has tons of material online for free. I recommend The Airplane Flying Handbook and the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.



Thank you Adam!


I absolutely agree with Adam on the need for an intro flight. When it comes to books to study, I recommend the Jeppesen Private Pilot textbook, you can find it on Amazon or used on eBay.

You don’t mention if you want to just get a private license, or if your goal is to be an airline pilot. Depending on the goal, there are large distinctions in how you should go about flight training and what the quickest and most financially efficient paths are.


Thank you @Chris and @Adam for the book recommendation. My goal is to become an airline pilot.

Unfortunately due to my lack of college credits, I am unable to apply to ATP right off the bat.

I’ve been debating finishing up the credits and applying to ATP so I can finance my training, or begin training on my private pilots license, and apply once that is completed.

I have had an intro flight before. Loved it. Got to experience a stall and everything : )


I would work on the college credits. You will need a degree for the major airlines anyways, so you might as well make some progress on it now. I got my PPL outside of ATP and it was a disaster. It took way too long, there were constant delays, and it cost much more than I was quoted.

How old are you?


@Chris I am 32


With that age in mind, I think that you should get into an accelerated flight training program as quickly as possible. Did you ask the admissions department if they would accept you based on your work experience?


@Chris I received an email back from ATP admissions this morning.

“Hi Richard,

Upon review of your resume and transcripts we have decided to hold the admissions process until you are able to obtain the following:

  • FAA Private Pilot License with at least 78 hours of flight time

Once you have fulfilled this requirement we’d be happy to resume the admissions process. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Addison Carter
Admissions Coordinator
ATP Flight School”


Do they know you’re 32 and have you had steady employment for at least 2yrs?


@Adam I sent them my resume, but didn’t mention I was 32

I’d give them a call and discuss. Can’t hurt and someone might have missed something.