Prerequisites Before Applying

I am pretty new to this but have very great interest in pursuing a career as a pilot. What are your recommendations prior to applying and committing to a large loan? I’ve heard to get a medical examination prior to committing and of course taking an intro flight. Is this a part of the ATP program, or should I seek this on my own? What other suggestions do you recommend?

Thank you for the help and your forumn is a great resource!


Check out this link as it explains the process thoroughly:

Thanks for the quick response and helpful information.


First and foremost you need to go for an intro flight if you never have. While many people dream or have a desire to fly, until you’ve actually sat at the controls of a small plane you honestly don’t know if it’s for you.

Little point wasting alot of time and energy pondering the finances etc. If you go up and get sick, are terrified or hate it.


Yes good point, thank you.