Private Pilot Oral Exam and Check-Ride

Hello, everyone.

I recently passed my Private ASEL knowledge test, and am getting ready for my oral exam and check-ride. I got a 98% on the written, and have been going through the ACS to make sure I covered all of the topics. My FAR-AIM is all tabbed-out, and I’m pretty much able to answer all of the questions that you see on the many mock oral videos posted to YouTube. Just wondering if anyone has any last-minute tips/tricks for the oral and flight portion that could help me prepare a little bit more.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


Fly to the best of your abilities if you aren’t clear about something ASK.


I would just recommend that you make sure you know your tolerances for Maneuvers and the procedure to enter maneuvers such a steep turns, etc. Last thing you want to do is blow over your airspeed for a maneuver by 10 or more knots. That being said, for the most part, as long as you are talking during the actual checkride and you know how to correct like your altitude and you explain your process, you should do just fine! Good luck


I second what Adam and Joshua said; don’t be afraid to ask questions!

And as far as talking ,with my DPE he said at the beginning, “if I’m still talking and we’re having a conversation, you’re good…when I stop talking is when you should be concerned.”

He was always very open and adamant from the beginning that he wasn’t looking for perfection, just indications of a safe, competent pilot. He said several times, don’t wait for me to correct you, if you notice you’re off a little on something, verbally acknowledge it out loud, explain what you’re going to do to correct it, and then do it.

Following all that and, as Adam said, flying to the best of my abilities, and the checkride went much better than I expected and went off without a hitch.

Also, atleast what I did, I didnt study at all the morning of. I find the just trying to brush up on stuff makes me end up making a mistake that I otherwise wouldnt have.

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Welcome back to the forums!

Just know the Oral Exam guide as well as your possibly can (the blue book), it is my favorite go to for such things.



Have a CFI that isn’t your primary CFI, and who is familiar with your examiner, give you a mock check ride. If you don’t have enough flight time left to do the flight portion of the mock check ride, at least do the oral portion.

I like hearing that your FAR/AIM is tabbed. You know there’s a section in the FAR/AIM that lists all of the relevant regs for Private Pilots? Worth checking out. I’m sure most of them are tabbed, but there’s always a few that get overlooked.


Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Update: I passed! Time to start on my I.R. now.

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Good job Ryan :fist_right:t3::boom:

Thanks, Tory.

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How’s instrument training going?

Well, it hasn’t exactly started yet. Having just graduated high school, my first year at university just begun. I figured I’d get settled into my classes and see how they go before I try to simultaneously earn my Instrument Rating. If it’s too much to manage, I’ll just finish the rest of my flight training all at once, after college, so I don’t waste too much money. I plan to finish my B.S. in two years, anyway.

I’m an advocate for tackling one thing at a time. Generally yields better results.





Good luck Ryan. Did you get AP or IB credit ? Are you going to attend college every summer session to graduate in 2 years?


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Thanks, Chris!

Thanks, Julia. I earned three AP credits my first two years of high school, and then attended a community college full-time during my last two years (known as the Dual-Enrollment Program). This allowed me to transfer 57 credits over to the four-year university I am currently at, which will allow me to earn my B.S. in two years (summer terms included). After this, I’ll only be 20, so I will have one year to finish the rest of my training and build some hours before applying for the regionals.