Problem with the TSA

Hey i just have a question for you guys idk if I’m asking in the right place but i just need ur thoughts about my situation. so a month ago i was talking to my friend he is a student pilot just like me in a different country ( out of the U.S ) anyways he told me that if you have a student pilot license you can get a jump seat flight like for fun so i did some research and i saw student pilots really at the airline plane cockpit so i went to the airport and i asked one of the alaska airlines employees and she told me yes you can get it but first you have to pass the TSA checkpoint and go to the gate and ask for a jump seat flight ticket so i went to the TSA checkpoint and they told me standby they called the TSA manager he came and he was investigating with me he took a picture of my ID and My student pilot license they didn’t fund anything and they let me go after a week i got a call from one of the FBI agents he was investigating with me too a week later i was cleared and they closed my case with the FBI department now i have a problem with the TSA they are still investigating about what i did they thought i was about to do a crime but I’m not i explained everything to them but they still causing me some troubles i even got kicked of my flight school and i have to look for a new one now but first i have to get the TSA approval again so my question is if you asking for a jump seat flight for fun is that a crime ?


There’s clearly more to this story but first and foremost, here in the US neither a student nor a fully licensed pilot allowed are allowed to JS. Only airline pilots working for airlines with approved agreements who’ve been cleared through a verification system are allowed in the cockpit (and a few other employees). I also don’t believe the Alaska employee told you it was.

Honestly I don’t believe asking for the JS is a crime but again I’m sure there’s more to the story.



None of us are equipped to dispense legal advice and we cannot discuss security matters on this forum. It would be best if you consulted with an aviation attorney.