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Program Complete

Started on Feb 3rd from zero time in Scottsdale. Just finished on Oct 15th. No busted checkrides, no knowledge test failures. Great group of instructors along the way. I’m very satisfied with my choice of ATP. Now I get to hurry up and wait for a position as an instructor, hopefully with ATP. The only issues I had with the whole program was the SNAFU that Covid has caused with CFI academy scheduling but It seems to me that they are slowing working out the kinks.


Fantastic news, Shawn! If you were mentoring an incoming student, what advice would you give them?



Congratulations on finishing the program and doing so well in it. The scheduling issues must not have been that bad as you still finished the program two weeks early. Where was the best place that you got to fly during the program? Congrats again, that is a huge accomplishment.



Congrats and kudos! Sounds like you did a fine job. Not really sure what kind of “snafu” you’re talking about since you finished in under the quoted 9mos and the entire world essentially shut down during the time you were training? Regardless congrats again!


Thanks! The best advice I can give is to understand the amount of time you need to devote to this program. It’s not a cake walk by any means. Give yourself plenty of time to prep for flights, study the books, and maybe eat and sleep if there’s any time left lol