Program Time

So let say if start my journey at ATP to get my CPL . How much time it will take to land my carrier as Airline pilot ? Like what is the timeline to actually start working as pilot ? Will it be done in a Year ?


Not even close. After you complete your training, you’ll need to build the required 1500hrs to fly for an airline. That will take approx 1.5yrs so you’re looking at approx 2-2.5yrs for an airline.


Okey and cost of 1500 hrs of flying will be covered in my flight training at ATP ? Or i have to get more money to cover those 1500 hrs my own. ? Or any airline has there cadet programs that pay for it ? Like what are the options for those 1500 hrs ?


I think you need to some spend quality time around ATP’s website and the forum. ATP’s training will cover 239 hours of flight time, which is noted in the link below:

If you are in good standing with ATP, a successful student, you may be offered a position to instruct at ATP. From there you will build the remainder of your flight time, while also being paid. Or you can go any other route on your own to build the remainder of flight time. No airline is going to pay for your training, they have what is called tuition reimbursement and cadet programs to help you secure a job, obtain financial incentives for being in good standing and building time with partnered schools.