Questions about ATP Training Schedule


I have some questions about the training schedule at ATP.

  1. This is a typical day schedule from the website for Private Pilot Training:
    9am - 4pm : Self-study & Briefings4pm - 6pm : Flight

Is the training on every day from Mon. through Fri.? (5 days /week?)
Is the schedule flexible? For example, can you train during weekends and take days during the week off?

  1. What about the following phases? Are they all 5 days/wk; Monday~Friday training?

Instrument Rating
Multi-engine Rating
CFI cert

  1. What is a ground school like? Is it like a classroom instruction?

  2. How does the holidays/break work? (thanksgiving, winter break…)


Yes, the training is five days per week, sometimes more if you need to make up lessons because of weather delays or other reasons. This applies to all phases of training. ATP usually closes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ground school is a mixture of classroom and individual time with your instructor.

I have to ask, you seem very curious about days off, what is driving this? Are you considering working while in the program?


Thank you, Chris.

Yes, I was considering working probably just during the private pilot training period.
It is a part-time job with quite flexible schedule; I can decide which day (only M-F, though) and how many days per week I would work.
So, I thought maybe working 1~3 days per week depending on the training schedule.
Do you think it would be impossible?

Also, another quick question:sweat_smile:
I was going to make another post but could you answer this question too, if you don’t mind.

I noticed that some airlines require PIC flight time in a (multi-engine) turbine aircraft.
Can I get this PIC turbine time while working as a CFI at ATP?


It is not possible to work during the program. The program is highly condensed and will take up every minute of your time.

Your schedule with ATP is only set a day or so in advance as so much depends on weather. You really need the flexibility to fly whenever the weather allows.

Of course ATP can’t stop you from working, but if you are unavailable for training because of work, or start failing checkrides because you are too fatigued or have not studied enough, your future in the program can be called into question.



ANY work (part-time or full) is highly discouraged. You need to understand ATP offers accelerated training allowing you to earn your licenses and ratings in months vs years. In order to accomplish this requires a full-time commitment which many people find very challenging in and of itself. Attempting to work is setting yourself up for failure. The program isn’t cheap and checkride failures could affect the rest of your career. That said this is America and you can do as you like. Up to you if it’s worth the gamble?

No you cannot build turbine PIC at ATP since ATP doesn’t have any turbine aircraft. Unless you’re incredibly wealthy and can rent your own turbine aircraft (aka jet or turboprop which cost thousands to operate per hour) that means getting hired at a Regional and upgrading to Capt. I think you’ll find the airlines requiring turbine PIC are Majors which is why the vast majority of pilots build their time and experience flying for a Regional.



“Turbine” time refers to jet or turbo-prop time. ATP does not have any turbine airplane and neither will any other flight school.

I am guessing that you are looking at major airline requirements, not regionals. You will meet those requirements with the experience you get at the regionals.

Make no mistake, you will have to spend several years at the regional level before moving onto the majors.


are there designated start dates at each atp location?


Classes start every Monday.



As Tory showed, classes start every Monday. Keep in mind though that classes can and do book up, sometimes several months in advance. If you have a particular date you wish to start, it is best to book it as soon as possible.