Questions about starting ATP next year

Hi guys,

I am reaching out to share a rather unique circumstance I find myself in, hoping to find others who might have similar experiences or insights.

To provide some context, I am a university student currently enrolled at McGill University in Montreal, having been born and raised in Taiwan. I hold citizenship in Taiwan, Canada, and the United States, and possess social security numbers for each. However, my permanent residency is established only in Taiwan and Canada. Consequently, I am uncertain about my ability to establish a bank account in the United States.

My lifelong ambition has been to become a pilot. I have taken introductory flight lessons in the past, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am keen to pursue the ATP program immediately after completing my university education. My primary concern is whether I can finance the ATP program and my accommodation using a bank account from another country, at least initially, until I can set up a local account upon relocating.

Also a little side question, I currently hold a Class 1 medical in Canada, I was wondering if it transfers to the FAA equivalent.

Any guidance or shared experiences in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Dom :slight_smile:


I’m inclined to think this will be an issue and you need to spend the next year opening an account in the US which shouldn’t be a problem (if you’re a citizen). That said this is really a question for ATP administration and I suggest you call them directly.

Medical certs are not transferable and you’ll need to get an FAA First Class before you’re admitted.



I appreciate the response! I will contact the administration sometime next week, hopefully, everything works out :slight_smile:

Also another side question, if I had previous intro flight lessons that is logged, would I still need to take the intro flight?



Yes you would. It’s not really an Intro flight but an Admissions Flight. It’s an opportunity for you to meet ATP and them to meet you.



Given you meet ATP’s prerequisites and hold U.S. Citizenship, there is just a few more items you would have to complete to enroll into ATP:

The Admissions Flight, like Adam said, is for you and ATP to meet each other. This also allows you to interact with current and former students (aka instructors). I recommend taking full advantage of this and taking any questions you may have.


Thank you Brandy and Adam for the response, really appreciated it!