Fresh start to wanting to fly

Hi all I’ve just recently gotten into this forum and I’ve found all of the information here very useful. My question is, as a undergrad student now determined to take this leap of faith in my life where do I go? I’ve scheduled my 1rst class medical exam to be taken in a months time but after that I’m unsure on a lot of things.

  1. How can I be so sure I will get a student loan for the school?( I’ve been paying for college out of pocket.)

  2. If I’m able to secure a loan will housing always be guaranteed for me?

  3. Is there any obvious knowledge I need to grasp before I even start getting deeper than most who wish to fly.

These are only a few questions but I hope I’m able to find a little more peace with some of your answers.


Below are the steps to enrollment but to answer your questions:

  1. The only way to be sure is to apply so you should.

  2. Housing is not available at all locations and is also on a first come basis. First I would check the location info on the ATP website. Then after you secure financing you can secure a date and housing if available.

  3. Kameron, you don’t mention any flight experience (and no sitting in the back doesn’t count)? If that’s the case Id be more concerned with getting some rather then any knowledge. ATP will teach you all you need to know but if you go up the first day and hate it (or get sick, or are terrified) that’s a problem. I strongly recommend before you get too deep you do an intro flight or lesson.



Welcome to the forum. Let’s get to your questions:

  1. You will need to apply for a loan. You can always talk with the admissions department beforehand, but they will likely tell you the same. Be prepared to have a co0signer if need be.

  2. No, housing is not guaranteed and is not available at all locations. Again, talk to the Admissions Department about this as well.

  3. You absolutely must go take an intro flight, maybe even a few flights. It is one thing to think that you love flying, it is quite another to actually take the controls of a small airplane. An intro flight will help you see if flying is really for you,



The reason this forum exists is right in your first sentence, all the information you need is somewhere in the depths of thousands of threads. I was in your shoes about 5 years ago, when I started my journey obtaining my PPL outside of ATP, now a First Officer at a Regional Airline.

  1. As the others mention, the only real reason to know is by applying. However, I had thousands of school debt from my undergraduate degree, and received a loan to attend ATP. Questions regarding finance, we recommend contacting ATP’s Finance Department as they’re specialists and professionals in the topic of finance.

  2. Housing is not guaranteed, below I linked directly to ATP’s Housing webpage. Only certain locations currently have housing, which is subject to change at any point. During the enrollment process, you can secure housing.

  1. Have you completed and Introductory Flights in the past, flying an airplane is much different than being a passenger in the cabin. If you have not, you need to take a few Introductory Flights. Thankfully before attending ATP, you MUST take an Admissions Flight (similar flight, just used for admissions and your firsthand experience). If you have a local airport nearby you, I would strongly recommend go taking a few introductory lessons before jumping right into everything.