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I will be graduating college with a bachelors degree this December, 2021. I am planning on starting ATP in January, 2022 following the holidays. Before starting I am planning on completing all of the written exams. Because of my school schedule among other things, it would be easiest for me to study and complete all of them during May and June of this year. Without having a start date confirmed, is it correct to assume all these expenses would come out of pocket, without reimbursement from ATP later on? If that is the case, is it possible to confirm a start date that far in advance (about 8 months) in order to get the written exam study materials available to you? In addition, once I have completed the program I have hopes of instructing for ATP. Is the 100 hour multi program a prerequisite for this position, or rather an added bonus that is not necessary? Would I have the same opportunity for an ATP CFI position if I were to complete the standard program instead? I have my sights set on flying for a regional after time building, in case that is a factor when deciding which program is best to complete.

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Getting your writtens done ahead of time is a great idea, granted you have the time while still maintaining your college studies. The written exams fees are not covered by ATP anyway so whether you take them early or during your program, the expense to you will be the same. Once competed, your writtens are good for two years so that won’t be an issue if you start in January. As for reserving your start date that far ahead of time, you will need to contact the admissions department for that specific answer. I don’t foresee that being an issue so you can secure your study materials.
The 100 hr multi program is a great option as more multi time is always better… however it is expensive and adds time to your program before you can begin instructing and earning an income again. The program is still fairly new but most students don’t do it for financial reasons. It is by no means a prerequisite to getting a CFI position upon completing the program. It may help you get hired or potentially a MEI position if that is what you’re shooting for, but if you don’t opt for it, it won’t hurt your chances of getting a CFI position with ATP.


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To add, if you complete the Private, Instrument, and Commercial tests prior to your class date, ATP will reimburse you for a 1-year subscription to ForeFlight Basic.


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I completed all of my writtens before starting ATP and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It made the program go so much more smoothly and actually allowed me to have a bit of time off along the way.

If you have not placed a deposit down with ATP, you will need to purchase the prep material on your own. I have asked one of our admin people to chime in on this thread to answer your question about how far out in advance you can confirm a start date.

The 100 program will help you to earn a position as a multi engine instructor with ATP, but it certainly is not necessary to gain a CFI position. You will have the same opportunities to instruct as somebody doing the 100 hour program, but will most likely be assigned as a single engine CFI.

If you have the resources, I am a fan of the 100 hour program as multi time is important and it will benefit you to have the additional experience. It could also help when applying for part 135 jobs.



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You are able to reserve a start date up to 9 months in advance. Keep in mind that the admissions deposit you place is class date specific. Once you secure your class date, you have immediate access to your online student extranet and we send out your training bundle! It is a great idea to complete the written exams prior to starting.

The 100+ Hour Multi-Engine Program is not a requirement to be eligible for a CFI position with ATP, but is a good option if you’re looking to apply for part 135 positions.