ATP Training Concern


I’m a scheduled zero time student with ATP. My start date is within weeks. I have only had enough time to finish the private pilot written. I scored a 90%, which I was extremely pleased with. My #1 concern is starting school with just my private written done. I’m planning on avoiding any training delays throughout the program. Any advice?

Thank you

Many of us completed the program without having taken the writtens ahead of time. While recommended, it’s definitely not a requirement. I completed the 0-hero in 5 months with no writtens done prior. And I’m sure a few here can say the same for whatever their program length was at the time. You’ll be fine - good luck :+1:t3:

Yeah I started with just my private done as well, just be proactive about taking the other writtens once you start. Don’t kick them down the road until you absolutely HAVE to take them. Get them done early, that way you can focus on checkride prep.


We recommend completing as many writtens as possible but it’s certainly not a requirement. As the others have said the are many pilots who haven’t and do just fine.

That said when you’re neck deep in the program and think to yourself “wow I wish I banged those out” you should imagine me smiling and nodding my head :wink:


If you keep on top of it you won’t have any delays. I started with only my private done and I’ve never gotten behind schedule. I’m always weeks ahead

Great, thank you for these informative responses. I plan to stay ahead of schedule.

Not saying you should do what I did but like for my IRA, once i started my instrument training, I spent 3 days studying sheppard air for 8 hours a day and on the fourth day I took the test. This was also during my first week of instrument training, so it is possible to bust them out if you stick with it!:slight_smile:


I do not mean to rain on the parade here, but I would not be “extremely pleased” with a 90%. At my airline anything less than 80% is a failure, upper 90s are the norm. Keep working on those practice exams and don’t take the tests until you are consistently scoring a 95% or better.


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