Questions for a commercial airline pilots

Would it be better to get my a private pilot license and then go into the military and do my 4 years and then start working towards my commercial license while being the reserve or go into the military do four years and then get my private pilot licenses and do everything else


Totally your call but my concern would be getting your PPL then not being able to fly much and having to relearn everything. I’d wait.


My questions to you would be:

How old are you?
What level of education do you have?
What income level are you and your family at? (Personal but important in these long term decisions).
What branch of military? and in what capacity? and did you sign papers yet?
What is your overall goal?

I have multiple cousins and many friends who were/are enlisted & officers in every branch, I myself did Army ROTC in college and left due to personal family reasons. The military is a big commitment and different way of life. Trying to understand your situation to give better feedback.

Chris F

I personally would wait as well. I have to ask, what is the reasoning behind you wanting to do four years in the military?

It will be to gain experience and also To get a G.I. Bill to pay for atp programs so I can become a airline pilot

I just started a job at Macy’s logistics as a power equipment operator for $20.25 an hour and also I was looking at joining the Marine Corps

And no I have not signed papers just yet

GI Bill does NOT pay for ATP Flight School or any Part 61 flight school. It only covers approved Part 141 schools & takes longer. Save your money while in the military to pay for the difference and your expenses while training.

I’m answering each reply as I see it.

And also my overall goal was to become a United States Marine and then maybe get into the reserve and get a G.I. Bill from my four years of active duty and then join a atp program to become a international or regional captain that’s my life term goal

OK thanks I didn’t know that

The Army or Air National Guard will pay for your degree, which you will eventually need at a major airline. The Guard will also give you a monthly stipend for books/housing while in school in addition to your drill pay. Combine that with FAFSA and you may well be making money to go to college vs paying for it. Save up for flight training while you do that. If you still intend to go active duty, make sure you thoroughly research what the GI Bill will cover for flight schools. It is only at aviation colleges (not ATP) and if I remember correctly, it’s not even close to the full tuition.