Multi-Engine Time

I was wondering how many people build multi-engine flight time? I understand it takes 10-15 hours to obtain the rating and the minimum ATP requirement is around 50 hours. I will be qualified for the RATP upon graduation, am I still required to have 50 hours in order to go to the airlines? To add, what are other ways I can build this time without getting my Multi-instructor rating.


So we can best answer your question, are you planning on attending ATP, or another school?


I am currently in a part 141 school, however, I have thought about ATP to get my AMEL and MEI but that would be all I would need after I finish my current program. For now, I plan on taking it here at my college if I can get it done before graduation if that makes sense. Also to be more specific, I am about to start CFI training in less than a month.


ATP doesn’t offer ME training as a stand alone so you need to go elsewhere for that.

If you check the hiring mins for the Regionals they all list at least 25hr ACTUAL ME time as that will satisfy the requirement to earn your ATP (the rest can be built in the sim). As to how people build it that’s one of the reasons many people (who do their homework) choose ATP as the program includes the required rating and 25hrs of flight time so they’re done. For others it’s a matter of spending the cash, earning the rating and buying the time or building it some other way. Many schools have add-on programs which will give you about 10hrs and the rating so you’ll only need to build another 15.

Know that without your ME rating and the 25hrs of actual you will not be qualified for your R-ATP as you will not satisfy the ME requirements.

I have to ask why are you not having this conversation with your instructor and flight school?