Realsitic cost/time estimation to ATP given my case

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I will be attending Army flight school this Summer after graduating and commissioning this May into the Army Reserve. At the end of flight school it seems that I will have some 150-200 rotary hours of under my belt and I may puruse my fixed wing PPL concurrently.

Assuming I graduate Army flight school with ~200-250 hours of total flight time, a fixed wing PPL, and commercial rotary rating, how long/costly would it be for me to pursue my CFI for fixed wing afterwards?

Upon completion of Army flight school I plan to move back home with my parents who live right next to one of the largest private airports in Texas with many civilian flight schools. I plan to have saved at least 70% of my salary/pay after housing expenses from the 1.5 years in flight school (estimate of $67.2k pre-tax) as an O1 w/ 5 years in service, no debt, and no expenses except flying. I know as a military aviator I am eligible to get my R-ATP which is ultimately my aviation goal and get on with the major airlines.

I am open to all feedback! I am currently 22 years old and hope to be a great Army officer and aviator. Please let me know if you see any flaws in this plan, have any reccommendations, or can answer my underlying question (in bold).

Thank you all in advance for your help and I cannot wait to begin my journey this Summer.

Also, I am planning to apply for the Skywest rotary transistion program post Army flight school, any thoughts?

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Based on your Army flight training and hours, ATP probably wouldn’t be your best route as you’d have to repeat your CPL and Instrument training.

If your near a busy GA airport you’re better off finding a local flight school and getting your CFI there. How long it takes is up to you and how often you can fly.


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Adam, thank you for the reply, I suppose I am looking for a quantifiable estimate rather than an arbitary term. If anyone has even the slightest estimation that would be very helpful!


A quick Google search of CFI Training Courses will show you there’s everything from 10 days, 2 weeks, 6 weeks to however long you like.

I suggest you do the same for your area and find one that suits your needs.


RTAG Nation on FB. Bunch of military have done this before you, get their advice.

SkyWest has been doing this transition training for years, so solid choice IMO.

Best of luck,
Chris F

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