Regarding hieght and weight restrictions

I am 6ft 7in and 230 lbs.
I see that I am within the weight limit and would even be willing to lose more weight if I needed to.
Unfortunately however I cannot lose inches and I see the limitation is 6ft 3in.
I want nothing more than to become a commercial airline pilot.
I have always heard atp is the premier accelerated program to attend. I was just wondering if there is anything to be done to work around these restrictions so I could attended atp.
If not does anyone know of an accelerated program that would be willing take an aspiring pilot under their wing?
I appreciate your time.


Please call the admissions department and ask to speak to Eric. My understanding is that ATP would ask you to take an introductory flight to see how well you can fit in the airplane. If you can safely and comfortably fit in the airplane, they can offer a waiver.


I’ve only flown in Pipers and can’t imagine someone over 6’4" being able to fit, let alone be comfortable in it. I think Cessnas might be a little roomier?

As long as there is a chance of ATP working with me my hopes will remain high.
I will be sure to give ATP admissions a call and get in communication with Eric.
I appreciate you taking the time responding to my concerns Chris!

A friend of mine has piloted a Cessna 172 and believes with my build it would not be a hinderance.
I sincerely hope that he Is correct.
Lets hope we get some good news once I take an introductory flight.
I will be sure to post the results.