Too tall for atp planes?

I just got off the phone with one of the admissions people and he pretty much told me that no plane they have fits anyone over 6’3 6’4. Kinda in denial right now. Is that true?


6’3" is the limit for ATP so if you’re 6’3" you’re ok, if you’re taller you are not.

Other schools may have other planes that will accommodate you.



Right from ATP’s prerequisites webpage:

  • Adherence to Height and Weight Limits — Students taller than 6’3" will be assessed during an Admissions Flight for comfort level inside the aircraft and the ability to fully manipulate the controls. Due to aircraft operational limitations, students weighing more than 250lbs may be denied training in ATP aircraft.

What you should do is schedule an Admissions Flight and see if this would be a problem in the aircraft ATP uses to train. You didn’t say how tall you were, every training aircraft is different.


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Im 6’6

That sucks cuz im 6’6

Yup it was close for me but as long as I have seat right it was okay.

How tall are you?

6’3"…the issue is legs getting in the way of the yoke.


It’s simply a safety of flight limitation. The trainer aircraft are only so big with limited flexibility in chair height and distance from the controls. At heights of 6’3 and above, special consideration should be made to make sure you can safely manipulate the controls.

Again, take an intro flight and see.


The admissions person on the phone didnt really give me that option of still going there trying it for myself. Pretty much he just apologized and we disconnected the call. Ill definitely call again and still schedule a ride to see for myself.
Thank you.


I’m 6’3” and 240 pounds and I fly in the Piper Archer at ATP just fine. Even with a 200 pound flight instructor in the right seat. Plus, we have two other students who are 6’3” and 6’4” and they seam to be fine but you are taller than us I have read.
I do think however you are not going to fit too well in the Piper Archer (I can’t speak for the Cessna) considering I have the seat all the way back and the height of the seat all the way down.
Even if this school/aircraft may not work, don’t put your aviation dream away just yet! There are pilots that I have seen on YouTube or other social media websites that are 6’7” and are sitting in the right seat of an airliner (one works for Fed Ex). He went to ASU!


Yeah i called again to still try but he told me since all they got is the pipers then it just isnt gonna work out. It is what it is. Surprised they dont have Cessnas considering how big the school is nationally.


The school does have Cessna’s. I’m not sure as to what locations have them but I do know for sure that they do!


Yes, ATP has Cessnas at some locations, but all multi engine training is done in Pipers.


Michigan location. Very disappointing but iv moved on and im looking into PEA in daytona.

I’m 6’3 and I’m maxed out in the Archer. The seat doesn’t go lower or farther back for me. However, I would recommend for you to choose a location with a 172 as I had plenty of room inside and could be off the controls when I needed a break on a cross country.