Question for ATP Students

I plan on coming to ATP this January, my concern is my height. I am every bit of 6’5. I realize ATP has a limit of 6’3, my question is this, have any of you completed ATP flight program and been taller than their cut off height? Had taller classmates? Instructors? Just want to make sure this is still an option for me, thanks.

Didn’t know they reduced the height to 6’3, I’m sure it used to be something like 6’5 I think. I’m 6’2


The restriction is the restriction, simple as that. I am not aware of any exceptions being made, but you could always call admissions and ask,



I’m your height and just finished my Comm SE at the TIW location. Even though I was coming in with credit for private when I started in May, they had me do an intro flight to ensure I could fit comfortably and safely in the aircraft. Having done some of my previous training in a 172, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. The CFI I flew with made a note in my “file” that my height wasn’t an issue, and that was the last it ever came up.

Give admissions a call and let them know you’re a little over the published limit, and I assume they’ll send you down the same path they did for me.

Good luck!


You don’t say where you are attending. I’m 6’2 and did my Private in a C172 at a mom and pop school and they have more room if needed. At ATP TTN we only use archers and they are much smaller with less leeway for where the seat sits.

I would find your location and see what aircraft you’ll be in and then see if you can get an intro flight before you fight for an exemption (if it’s available)

Thanks Justin! I am as well flying a 172 right now, I fit perfectly fine. I will call and schedule that when the time comes!

I am currently working on my private in a 172 at a mom and pop, I plan on attending ATP at the Louisville location that only has archers.

Like I said the Archers have a lot less wiggle room than the C172s. My suggestion would be to see if admissions would allow you an intro flight and see for yourself or look at some of the other accelerated programs out there (just do your homework and due diligence in checking them out).