Retired Army Helicopter pilot....suggested pathway to the regionals!

Hello all. I am a 51 yr old retired Army helicopter pilot (commercial/instrument/3000hrs) and a private pilot (SEL/Instrument/1000hrs). I haven’t flown in a couple of years but can’t shake the passion of flying! I don’t have my commercial multi or ATP but am wanting to get back in the saddle and make it to the regionals! Is there a suggested path to gain the additional ratings and time…ATP school or local flight school? Am I even marketable to the regionals at my age? Thanks for the input!



I can’t make any promises, but the regionals are hiring like they never
have before. Now is your chance if you really want to do it.

With the ratings and flight time you have there is no need for you to go
through ATP’s program. You would simply just need to add a multi engine
category rating to your commercial license. Technically you wouldn’t need a
BFR or an IPC since the commercial multi ride would serve as both of those,
BUT if I was your instructor I would still treat you as if you were getting
a BFR and an IPC since we’ve never flown together before. I would advise
whomever your instructor is to do the same.

After that, you would need to meet the part 61.159 or 61.160 experience
requirements. I would bet you already meet all of the requirements except
multi engine time.

Then start submitting applications. If you get a job offer, they’ll most
likely pay for you to attend ATP CTP. ATP CTP is a required course for any
prospective airline pilot. After completion of the course you will need to
pass the ATM written exam. By the way, ATP CTP does not prepare you to pass
the ATM, but we can talk about all of that when it’s time to cross that
bridge. Right now you just need to focus on getting current and your multi
engine rating.



There is a RTP (Rotorcraft Transition Program) being offered by PSA and Envoy through Sky Warrior and Coast Flight Training. I’ve only heard good things. However a lot Army pilots got out and took advantage of the program, so now, at least Coast, is too full. Additionally, the Army is trying to keep in Warrant Pilot that they just started a new bonus program.


Thanks for the input and your insight!!

Thanks for the guidance and advice!