Retired Military - Commute to Train?

Hi everyone. Just like to say thanks for all the really informative information that has thus far been offered. I am really enjoying reading through it.

I retired after 20 years in the Marines/Army in 2015 and have subsequently been going full time to school. Will have an Associates and a Bachelors Nov of next year. I have been flying since 1993 growing up in Alaska but never earned any serious ratings. Was considering giving it a go now.

I just turned 40 and have about 100 hours logged officially in total. My dilemma is this… I would like to attend ATP for all my ratings but I seem to have moved to the only place in the entire country that does not have a training program close to me here in Columbus, OH.

Is it at all feasible to bring my own plane to an ATP location and get a couple days training at a time or is this something that I need to spend 30 days at a time doing? Don’t think my wife and kids would enjoy me being gone for that amount of time. I may be able to swing a few days here and there.

Another question… Is it a realistic goal to only ever fly for small regional airlines or do they kick you out after awhile? I do not have any ambition ever to fly large jets or long routes. I love anything smaller than a 737, props preferred.

Thanks for the wisdom in advance.


Thank you for sharing your appreciation of the forum!

Unfortunately ATP’s program is full-time, M-F and sometimes weekends if any
catch up is required. You will need to live within a commutable distance to
be available for training.

A lot of Captains that I fly with at Horizon will retire there. So, yes.
Retiring at a regional is common. No one can force you to move up to the
majors if you don’t want to.