Roommate in Tampa JAN 2019

Hello Forum,

I was wondering if there were new students starting at the Tampa location in January '19 who would possibly be interested in entering a shared rental arrangement of either an apartment or house in the PIE area.

I am relocating from California and starting the ACPP with private pilot credit. It would be fantastic to join up with one or two others who are (ideally) starting their instrument phase too.

FYI: I am a little older, I have been a software developer for over 20 years, in for a career change and seeking a good way to share resources, rent, and good learning/studying companionship.

Feel free to respond to this post and we will get in touch.
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Hey Oliver, what I found works best for some folks that did a long-range relocation to FL is going into ATP housing first and getting the lay of the land, meeting fellow students etc. Once the initial shake-down is done, some folks (within 2-4 weeks usually) find alternative housing options, get an idea about who they want to share an apartment with etc. There’s no lease obligation with ATP so that may be an option to consider short term for you.

What Sergey said may be a good option. ATP housing is charged per day, so if one day you decide to move out, you stop paying THAT DAY.

We look forward to having you join us in Tampa! I look forward to seeing you on your first day!

Hi Sergey,

That is very good advice. Thank you.
I have actually secured a spot in ATP housing and it may very well be a great solution. With no judgement and certainly with all my respect and courtesy towards my future roommates, I am just exploring all possible options as, understandably, having just a tiny little bit of privacy not having to share a room, would be preferable. But I am easy-going and sure it will be a great solution either way.

Thanks Sergey.

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Hi Tucker,

Yes, I think ATP housing is a great starting point and possible even a great solution for the whole program. As I mentioned to Sergey, I’m completely open.

Yes, thank you Tucker. I look forward to January too. Time flies as well :slight_smile:

See you there.

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