Seeking Roommate - January 2019

Hey all!

First post here. Wanting to know if anyone is seeking an “off campus” roommate starting in January 2019. I’ll be coming in with my private so I’ll be starting instrument training. I haven’t picked a location yet but so far I am leaning towards the Dallas area, Tampa, FL; or maybe somewhere else in Florida.

Hi Matt,
I’m in the same boat. Starting in January with Instrument in Tampa.
Would be interested sharing a place if you are still looking.
Let’s chat.


Hey Oliver! Thanks for reaching out. I’m unsure that I’m starting ATP in January now. May postpone it to February or March. Have you committed to January?

Hi Matt,

Yes, committed now!
But I had the same thought of postponing a month. But I decided to go all in now because I realized I was just procrastinating. There was actually no real reason to push it out other than to give myself more time to take some written exams and make another month of good current salary.

So, yes, committed. Starting JAN14 in Tampa.
FYI: I’m a little older, 20 years of being a software developer behind me, in for a career change and new challenge. Where are you in your decision making process?


I’ve been approved with financing, but just trying to come to terms with leaving a good career in agricultural R&D with the excellent benefits that come along with it. Trying to liquidate some assets that I no longer need as well. I’m 31 and ready for a career change as well. Feel free to email me:

Very interesting! I can tell you we are in the very same boat.
I will email you.


I am moving to the Dallas area and starting from zero January 14th at the Arlington location! I would definitely be open to discussing renting a room out if you end up coming to Dallas! Let me know! Good luck!

Hey Zach,

Appreciate you reaching out! I’m leaning towards the Tampa location now so I don’t see Dallas for my training portion of the program. Good luck to you and maybe our paths will cross one day!!


I just want to throw my name out here, looking at either the Arlington or Addison campus for a March start date. I’ve secured financing, and am currently waiting to do my intro flight and put down a deposit. Let me know if you want to talk more!