Schedule Question - Specific Day Off Throughout The Week

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I just had a quick question about schedules and I couldn’t find the answer online… I wanted to ask, when you join an airline are you allowed to have a specific day off every week of your career? For example, say Sunday. A lot of people go to church on Sunday morning. If you’re one of those who attend church regularly are you allowed to demand Sundays off? Or do you get stuck with whatever the system spits out?

I know as seniority goes up, you can bid on better days off. Does this apply to this example? Can you bid to have all Sundays off? ( ok maybe not all Sundays, but the majority throughout the year) I know airlines work Monday through Sunday, but is it possible to demand only a Monday - Saturday work schedule? Thanks in advanced!!

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Airlines work strictly off the seniority system, if people were allowed to demand days off because of their religious preferences than nobody would work weekends or holidays and the seniority system would be totally abrogated. The Supreme Court confirmed this in Trans World Airlines, Inc. v. Hardison

As you build seniority you can certainly bid to have all Sundays off, you might get it or you might not. Bottom line, if you want to work for an airline you need to be prepared to work 365 and 24/7.


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