Scholarship for African American Women

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Does anyone know if there are any scholarships for African American Women from any organization?


You could check with the Organization of Black Airline Pilots or Women in Aviation. I have to tell you though, there are not many aviation scholarships out there, period.


Okay, thanks. I feel like the M & M commercial. Chris is real, I have been reading your post. LOL Have a great day

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Although Chris is right in most every post, this one he is not. (Sorry Chris)
There are a plethora of scholarships for aviation. I can say so, I’ve won 19 aviation awards, been a reader, given away my own award for many years, speak on this subject matter and made a business teaching scholarships to others.
Firstly, I am a minority female too but I can tell you, being minority (or common misconception ‘white guy’s or guy’s in general not getting awards’) is not how you win these. It’s all about who you are, what is special about you and your track record on your focus! The question you need to ask yourself and put in writing is ‘What is Special about me and makes me different than the other applicant.’ It starts first with you.
Secondly, there are still a lot of awards that do not give applicants the money to take accelerated programs such as ATP. You must READ throughly before applying.
Thirdly, any Google search will net you multiple organizations giving awards away. Chris mentioned OBAP and WAI, two great organizations. You simply must do the research. Sadly, many don’t but what will you do that’s different. It’s the people that overcome the challenges that win the gold!
I could write a book here on the bazillion other tips but know that there are plenty out there!

Thank you for the information


I honestly was under the same impression as Chris regarding the lack of scholarships for flight training (for minorities or otherwise). While I know OBAP and WAI have offerings, everything I had heard was geared towards people who were already flying. You say there’s a “plethora” of scholarships out there, care to share a few? Particularly for those just starting out.