School schedule flexibility?

I’m about to start the Airline Career Program in January from zero time. And my boyfriend gifted me a vacation for the first week of April for Christmas before I was accept to the program. Is there anyway I could go on a week vacation while attending ATP, 4months into the program? If so how would you recommend not falling behind?

I took a week off in Hawaii about 3 months in, and from what I experienced was it’s all about timing and how you are doing in the program. For me I was just transition to start my instrument training and I passed
My private checkride first try so there was no issue with me going on vacation and it seems they are pretty okay with like a week off. That being said. Anything more and they might have an issue. I only say that because I had originally wanted 2 weeks for that trip but negotiated to get atleast the one.


As Joshua said it’s really about timing and what phase of the program you’re in. I’d let admin know exactly when and this way they can plan accordingly.



I would personally postpone the vacation. The program builds on consistent training, taking a week off in the middle of it, plus travel time either side of it could have a negative impact on your training.