Schooling Options

I am looking into ATP for schooling. I was wondering if there are any other schools that are cheaper that go about the same system that ATP has?

Wondering the samething

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I’m absolutely certain that there are cheaper flight schools than ATP. There’s also an old saying that you get what you pay for. Is that to say more expensive is always better, of course not (my shoes for Marshall’s work just as well as my daughter’s $1000 Louboutin’s). But we’re not talking about shoes, we’re talking about your career and in effect your future.

ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 30 years and has placed over 600 pilots with the airlines in the last 12mos alone. It’s what they do and they do it better than anyone. While I fully understand the desire to save money but the reality is flight training is never going to be cheap. Regardless of where you go you’re going to be investing tens of thousands of dollars into this. Personally I’d rather spend a little more knowing exactly what I’m getting than risking a large amount of money not.



The reason why I asked is because both Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae wont give the student loan with out a co signer. Due to the high amount nobody will I know will do it. Even with the cosigner removal options. The amount is what they dont like. Wells Fargo asked me if I could find a cheaper school. I told them my own version of what you said. Getting student loans has been a frustrating situation that I am trying to figure out.



Financing issues are a difficulty that many people face. Your only other option would be to pay for your private license out of pocket at a local school, then reapply for financing for the remainder of the program. It think you will find that when you really start comparing schools, there are very little differences in the prices (except those that charge considerably more).



I was able to secure a loan with Salliemae without a co-signer. Guess it is different for everyone’s situation.