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September - December 2021 Schedule

As you can tell, I have not posted a schedule in some time. On August 30, 2021, I managed to smash my right middle finger between two large rocks. This resulted in ruptured tendons and a rather nasty infection. Needless to say, I could not fly in that state. While I was out on sick leave, I bid 737 Captain and held it, I am currently an Airbus 320 Captain. I got my clearance to fly in November, but the company did not schedule me for training until Dec. 28. I was paid full pay during that time period, which was certainly nice. I will be in training for all of January and a bit of February.

I am certainly glad to be getting back to work. While the time off was nice, I did miss the flying.


Hi Chris,

Pleased to hear recovery has gone well. Would you mind sharing some insight as to the decision behind bidding for 737?

Enjoy training,


Because AirBuses are silly :wink:


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I do not mind at all. There were several factors in my decision to change airplanes. In order of significance:

  1. More seniority. I will be about 20% more senior on the 737 and thus enjoy better schedules, trips, and vacation bidding.

  2. Better schedules and trips. We use our 737s differently than we use our 320s. Notably, the 737 does longer flights and is over water capable, meaning Caribbean trips. Longer flights equal less flights per day, along with more island and west coast flying.

  3. Usually the airplane itself does not factor into things for me, but this time it did. I never really acclimated to the whole Airbus way of flying and did not enjoy my time on the airplane. I have flown the 737 before and while it has its issues, it is a straight forward and very reliable airplane. I am glad that I got the experience of flying an Airbus product, but that will be it for me for awhile.

I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any follow up ones.


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I didn’t realize until recently the A320 cockpit has a joystick instead of a yoke. It just looks weird. Couldn’t imagine flying that way without it feeling like a video game?


When you are flying a 172,000 pound airplane, it does not feel anything like anything like a video game. I learned to fly with a center stick on a DA-20, so the Airbus stick was not a big deal at all. I actually like the stick, I dislike the logic that Airbus uses to control the airplane via the stick, a direct law stick would make more sense to me that the rate of roll logic that Airbus uses.


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I just want to go on record and say I flew the stick, the stick is dumb and I have no desire to fly the stick again. :slight_smile: