January, 2024 Schedule

I had two weeks of vacation in January, which resulted in me working five days, with one of them being an all day overnight at home.

  2. All day in ORF
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. off
  8. IAD-LAX
  9. LAX-IAD
  10. off
  11. off
  12. off
  13. off
  14. off
  15. off
  16. off
  17. off
  18. off
  19. off
  20. off
  21. off
  22. off
  23. off
  24. off
  25. off
  26. off
  27. off
  28. off
  29. off
  30. off
  31. off
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Very impressive. But it ain’t March yet silly man! :wink:


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Fixed. Thanks.

I wish it was March, :smirk:. Bring on Spring.


Looks like a great schedule. Key West in a 737 must be fun!. I’ve done it quite a few times now in the E175 and it’s always a good challenge.


EYW was definitely a challenge, I am glad I had the opportunity to do it.


What does your pay look like for a month like this? My job, I have a month like this and it means I burned all three weeks of paid vacation and I better be working 60s the rest of the year.

I had 103 hours of pay for that month and used two out of my five weeks of vacation.


Not to get too into your personal business, just trying to understand how this works out…
So you get your monthly minimum I’m assuming? Say, 75 hours, and then your 2 weeks of paid leave added to the total hours of pay? Or how does that work…And then you said an “all day overnight at home” how does that get calculated?
I’m a long way from it mattering much, but still curious.


It is. more complex than that and honestly, I find it difficult to understand myself. The vacation pay was 64 hours and the other 39 hours was a mixture of that one trip and the minimum pay guarantee kicking in. The overnight at home is paid at 5:15 hours per day. The company has no idea, nor cares, that my overnight was at my house. That is just something I bid for and received.


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Ahh, okay, thanks for the breakdown!

Anytime. Happy to help.

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Ok. How long have you been there to get five weeks vacation?

I have been with the company seventeen years. It took ten years to get to the point of having five weeks off.

Do we have any schedules for the cargo side of things? I’d be interested in posting my schedule at Atlas if there’s any interest.



Latest ‘cargo driver’ @kcbaker moved on from ABX years ago and is now at Delta. It definitely has been a while since we’ve seen a cargo schedule. Feel free to share yours as maybe there is someone interested in working cargo, what are you flying at Atlas?


Definitely don’t mind sharing. Just let me know where I can post it and I’ll start sharing. I fly the 73 at Atlas for the time being.



That would be great! For now, feel free to post it as a new thread. We do get quite a bit of questions about cargo schedules.


Thanks Hannah. I spoke with Chris yesterday. He said he would create a section for me under schedules where I will be able to post my schedules.

Hi Chris!

May I ask you for your pov regarding SFO’s prefer to stay on the right seat due seniorty instead aiming for the upgrade? Are junior captains treated so badly, that the longterm goal of every aspiring pilot I assume gets abandoned? Or is it just a little percentage prefering to be high seniorty FO?

I was told UAL and DAL upgraded FO’s a little over a year after joinging (experienced pilots) due this fact?

Thx Lukas