Social Media and Flying

This should go without saying, but flying an airplane is no time to also be playing with your cell phone. This young, 23 year old pilot got himself killed over a Snap Chat post. At least he was the only fatality and nobody else got taken out because of his stupidity.

When you are pilots, put the phone down. There is no call, message, or post that is as important as the task at hand.

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This is a tragedy but more frightening is its something we see daily. While not the fatalities, it’s the constant posting and what people don’t understand is its the act, not the outcome. The example we often use is a child is playing with a ball in their driveway and everyday the ball rolls into the streets. One day the child chases the ball into the street and is struck by a car. Everyone says how terrible and reckless the parents are BUT we’re they any less careless all the years prior when nothing happened?of course not.

Flying is not a social event, it’s serious business.



Put the phone down and fly, there is always time to get your glamour shot by someone shooting photos on the ground and looking online like FlightAware or JetPhotos. This did not need to happen the way it did and can be avoided. This article brings good awareness to the problem, now it is up to those that do it to do better.


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In my personal opinion, flying the airplane is a rush and there’s a certain freedom in your loved ones knowing you are somewhere above their head. With that being said, looking for attention by broadcasting your life in such a way will result in fatalities. I am glad he didn’t harm anyone else but I actually feel empathy for the guy’s family.

Indeed, flying is not a social event.

Problem is they often do.


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You’ll see a lot of pilot “influencer” accounts on social media platforms. As much as those people may think they are bringing visibility to the profession, helping mentor other pilots, etc. there are better ways to do that without risking your career. Join local flying groups, volunteer with groups like women in aviation, OBAP, PAPA, NGPA… get out there and really make a difference in a professional way.