Social Media & Pilot Career... Use Caution

Social Media has killed many peoples careers. We all live in a “fishbowl”. Always do your best to act professionally whether in OR out of uniform.

A Regional Pilot / Growing YT channel recently posted a video about the 777 engine failure. Although I didn’t see the video, many pilots who did were talking about it today & said it was poorly done, in bad taste, and speaking with very little knowledge on the 777.
On this channel the pilot is either in uniform talking about airline life or in skimpy clothing talking about vacations and working out.

The video has now been taken down but I’m sure it can still be found in some places. Apparently there are already memes about it. It is also being said that many United pilots are angry & now United, the Pilots Airline, and their Union all are aware of the video.

This very well could cause serious career issues for this pilot… all to grow a YT channel that maybe makes $5/m.
So beware of what you post on Social Media and how you act generally in public.

Chris F


True words Chris. I know far too many pilots who’ve been derailed by social media. That said I’m sure they got plenty of likes so maybe it’s worth it? :wink:


I knew exactly who you were talking about when you mentioned workout videos

Yeah, my social media life is very discreet. Only like 40 close Instagram followers, and you’ll only find a pic or two on my face online

The more attention you get, the more potentional problems spawn

Airlines typically look at one’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts when it comes to hiring process. IDK if they’d check on Discord or Twitch, as these pertain to certain gaming (based on my understanding).