YouTube Channel as an Airline Pilot

Now I heard that for airline pilots and basically airline employees in general they have restrictions when it comes to social media and YouTube. There are youtubers like Swayne Martin, Captain Joe, 74Gear, & etc. So if anyone can reply to what are the specific restrictions as I plan to use YouTube during my time as a pilot.

I think this discussion came up a year ago and I asked a former FAA Lawyer that was in my new-hire class

Flying under

  • part 121 basically forbids it (scheduled regular pax).
  • part 135 depends on your Ops Spec or SOPM
  • part 91 can be generally in violation of fars by possibly being a distraction in the flight deck.

Generally an aviation lawyer will say never to record yourself flying because anything you say or do can be used against you from a legal and/or HR standpoint.

Swayne Martin video of him flying was legal because 1. It was a Part 91 leg (no PAX reposition flight) & 2. He got permission from the Company.

The other examples for the most part do not wear their company uniform and never mention who they work for… and if they ever do they usually try to avoid making opinions unless sponsored/approved by their employer.

Videos and pictures are great, but they can get a pilot in a lot of trouble, so most agree not worth the risk at a US airlines.

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Chris F


I’m a real risk vs reward kind of guy. Can video taping yourself get you in trouble and ruin your career? Yes it can and that’s the risk. The reward? You get a bunch of :+1:. To me it’s not even a question.



Unfortunately you came to the wrong place to receive endorsements to post your flights on YouTube. I know it’s probably not very popular to say this among, what I assume is, an audience younger than me, but personally I am becoming more and more anti-social media. I understand that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I probably sound cynical to this audience, but I think it has robbed too many of us from everything we used to cherish before social media came along.

But more to the point, even some of the Pilot YouTubers that receive permission from their company have been fired. I strongly discourage anyone from becoming the next pilot YouTube sensation. Even with company permission. Even during part 91 flights only. Not only is it a risk to your career, I find it to be misaligned with what a pilot’s priorities should be.



At my airline you can have your own channel, but you cannot post any pictures or videos of yourself in uniform and of course cannot post any cockpit videos (this is a FAA rule).

There was a pilot recently at one of the AA regional airlines that found himself in some hot water for consistency posting videos of himself in uniform.


There are many who do it, but we HIGHLY discourage it. You got plenty of reasons from the guys of why you legally shouldn’t risk it per the FAA regs. But also think about this, you have so many priorities during your training, your social channel should be the last of your worries. So when you think of a aviation YouTube channel, just remind yourself it’s a risk for your future career, a distraction to your training and unsafe in the airplane.