Sportys verse king air

I am about five months away from starting the zero to hero program and I want to get started with my course study / written exams (I am retiring from my present career in 5 months).

I do not want to give the $1000 deposit yet, as sometimes things happen in life that you don’t expect and it’s non refundable.

I started watching the Sportys private pilot videos and I really like them. They kept my attention and they were easy to understand . I have heard feedback that the King Air training videos are somewhat dated and have very Sesame Street-like feel. Does anyone have any opinion as to which one is better than the other?

Some students in my admission flight said they did Sportys but ATP appears to endorse king air. Does one have a clear advantage over the other? King air has a proven track record obviously, I would love to hear from someone who did Sporty’s and hear their experience.

As I prepare to pay this “out of pocket expense” I just want to get the best package.

Thank you in advance for the help.

I used the King video series and was very happy with them. I thought that they made the material far easier to understand and the presentation was not so dry.

That being said, Sporty’s also offers a good product. Either one will get you to the writtens.



Your call, both are quality products. Some people enjoy the King’s humor and more casual approach, others don’t. You’ll be fine with either.


Thank you. I appreciate your input.

Hi Michael,

I used the Sporty’s Private and Instrument product and the King Air Instrument course after placing my deposit with ATP. I can’t compare them on the Private, but comparing the Sporty’s to KA Instrument I thought KA did a better job of preparing me for the written test. Sporty’s is well produced and provides a good overview of the subject, but KA provides a level of detail that is beneficial especially if you are trying to get your tests done before starting with ATP.

Just my two cents. Good luck!


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How long would you say it took you to complete each knowledge test for the IR, ME, CML with King Air?


Hey Brady,

The IRA and FII took me around 30-35 hours using King Air and Sheppard. I’m still working on the rest.

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Great feedback Michael. I plan to roll into IFR training once I complete my PPC. I was considering using King this time around for that exact reason that others have pointed out to me.