Starting From Scratch

I am a 4 year 56 year young Flight Attendant that wants to be a Pilot. Bring a Captain is not a big deal for me and flying regional is great for my lifestyle. I just don’t know where or how to start. Please help me fly.


I appreciate that you’re realistic about your goals. You do need to understand that at 56, the soonest you’d make it to a Regional is 58-59 which would only leave you a 6-7yrs career as a pilot. If that’s cool with you basically what you need to do is start training. Since time is a factor obviously an accelerated training program like ATP’s would be your best option.

You don’t mention whether you’ve ever flown a small plane or not? While you obviously have considerable experience in the back, having your hands on the yolk of a Cessna is a whole other experience. Before you make the decision to invest a great deal of time and money on a new career a strongly recommend you take an Intro flight.