Still don't believe there's a pilot shortage?

This is from Trans States Airline’s Pilot recruitment page:

Express Hire Program

Current and qualified 121 pilots are not required to interview and will be offered an immediate class date, pending application approval.

Reserve Your Seniority Program

**Our seniority reservation program allows new hire pilots to come to training for two days, and then leave for up to 90 days to complete other commitments. When pilots return to training, they already have up to 90 days of seniority. **

Seniority determines everything for pilots, including schedule, base assignment, and upgrade time. Pilots are more likely to get their preferred base assignment right out of training with three months of seniority backing their bid.

Actually a little scary! :slight_smile:


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While this is an exciting program, pilots need to be careful with how they proceed with it. If a pilot starts a 121 training program (yes, two days counts) and then later no-shows the resumption of their training (usually because they chose to go to another regional) they will have a failure on their FAA record. Pilots that, for whatever reason, chose to not resume their training with TSA need to be sure to actually resign from the airline.

Even with resigning properly, it will still show on the pilot’s employment record as only having worked at an airline for two days. While this is certainly not a huge deal, it will likely be a discussion point in some future interview.


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And that (your response), Chris, is why the mentors and forum contributors’ input is invaluable!

With this being said, is there any sort of sponsorship that Trans State may donate me to help me through my flight training? I’m looking to begin my career, I still don’t even have my PPL, however if they are so desperate for pilots, would I be able to get them to sponsor me through flight school, and in return, I fly for them post graduation? I’m looking at going to ATP Flight School in Daytona Beach.


While the Regionals are short on pilots, none are sponsoring training and I don’t expect to see that happen ever. The problem is while many people want to be pilots the reality is not every can. While it’s not rocket science, it does require a certain amount of intelligence, coordination, hardwork and dedication and the pilot has to demonstrate that to the airline before they’re going to reach into their pockets. That’s why while there are no sponsorships, many Regionals will provide Tuition Reimbursement AFTER you’ve completed your training at ATP and have built at least 500hrs as an instructor. You’ve got to show them that you’re a worthwhile investment.



Check this link out: