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Student from UK

Hi. I am currently in high school in the UK and after I pursue a degree I am hoping to come to ATP. So I just wanted to ask that if I got a work visa for the US could I be guaranteed a CFI job after the international course? Because I want to have a sense of security that I will have a job after the course. Please answer my question and thanks in advance.

Kind Regards
Shafeeq Mohammed


To work as a pilot in the US you will either need to be a US citizen, or US permanent legal resident. You will not be able to get a visa for a flying job and you will not be able to work as an instructor in the US after you finish the course.



It takes more than just a work visa. In order to learn how to fly in the US
you need to be either a US citizen or US permanent resident.


Actually you can learn to fly in the US with a visa (and a VERY extensive TSA background check) but you would not be able to work as a pilot in the US without citizen or resident status.

So the answer to your question is no, ATP cannot guarantee you a CFI job.