Study Techniques for Writtens

Hey gang just wanted to introduce myself. Matt here from Delaware. 36y/o gearing up to change careers and start the ATP career program in 18’. I have read through many threads on here and appreciate the info thus far. One question I do have is what techniques have been employed to study for the PPL written. I understand going through a question bank over and over until you have a strong confidence on passing the actual written. My issue I am having is starting the process. I have gone through a few tests through the sportys free study buddy but feel I don’t have a good system or routine. I am constantly feeling I need a road map of sorts or focus on individual topics, week 1, week 2, week 3 and so on until I have mastered the question bank. Any advice would be helpful on specifics on how you guys started day 1 studying. I have purchased the FAR/AIM 2018, AFH, PHAK and the FAA aviation weather. Thanks in advance!!


Welcome to the forums. Most people simply use the rote memorization technique to study for the writtens. However, if you want to actually learn the material I recommend purchasing the King Schools video series for the various written exams. Don’t spend the money buying them brand new, a used copy on eBay that is a few years old will be just fine. I find that the Kings present the information in a way that is fun and easy to understand.



The truth is, just memorize the answers. There’s no need to make it anymore
complicated than that. The questions in the question bank are the same
questions on the test. If you can score 90% or better at least two times in
a row using Sporty’s Study Buddy, then you’re ready to take the real test.