Preparation for training (PPL Written Exam)

Hi! I’m starting training at ATP Mesa on July 5th. Just wanna ask what I have to study for PPL FAA written exam? I’ve been studying some aerodynamics and that’s pretty much it. Can somebody give me a list of what to study and prepare for? And a good reliable source for studying. I just don’t want to memorize the answers from Sheppardair. All comments, suggestions, and concerns will be greatly appreciated! Safe skies to all!


Hello Jae,

I can understand your desire to actually learn the material for the written, but the truth is that the only way to get a good score is to memorize the answers. The questions are written in such a way that many times two answers seem correct but only one is actually accepted. That is why it is recommended to use apps like Sheppard Air to study for these writtens.

You want to separate written prep from actual ground school. These are two different things that are approached separately. While ground knowledge will definitely help you on your writtens, you will not get a good score by just studying the ground school material. Your best bet right now is the Study Buddy from I personally did not use it but I have heard great things about it and that is what ATP recommends.


Thanks for the quick response, Yarden!

Gotcha! Just few more questions, is ATP gonna provide us the Sheppard Air study guide? How about the Study Buddy form Sportys? Do we have to purchase that or something? Appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot!



Study Buddy is free from Sporty’s for your PPL and if you’ve paid your deposit you should be given access to Sheppard Air (if not give ATP a call). I understand your desire to actually learn the material but honestly much of it is dated and doesn’t really follow the usual curriculum. Trust me ATP will guide you through the material at the appropriate time.